Anak Sulong aka eldest son

Hi,i’m the eldest son in my family.So i want to tell you how it feel being the eldest son.

  First,being the first child in family or “anak sulong” in malay did affected me…like greatly affected me. Nevertheless, It also teached me many things unknowingly. 😁

It is not something we can be proud of (although some does) nor something we need to be ashamed of (some might feell this way,personal issues). But, for me it teached me to be a responsible person. I mean,when your parents were away,who will they give the home key?? The eldest child of course! Put aside the gender, she or he will be burden with it.:'(

  Next, a thing i don’t quite realise until i entered the boarding school, it helps me become more matured than other students my age. Ermm, i don’t know how to put this but my insincts told me,not literally told me. Yup, no objection on that.😒

  But still, i did feel the burden being the eldest. My academic performance will  affect my brothers,so i had to be the best among the best. It stressed me a lot, but once i positived it, it encouraged me to perform better.  funny though 😂.

  So, in the end being the eldest is not that bad. Just accept yourself, and thanked Allah what He gave to you.
Believe me, Allah knows the best for us, humans. He is The Almighty. ☺